Sunday, March 31, 2013


Why this site? I suppose a manifesto is in order: The title - RedHeart / Blue State is my take on conservative discussion in California - a beautiful place to live, but one that’s become a bastion of progressive thought, locked in the grip of established liberal media. As such, it is a state in economic decline as a runaway state government continues to spend tax dollars on agendas that few of us would endorse or even recognize.

We’re being bombarded by elements of liberal/progressive interests from all sides and levels. My aim is to examine political issues and provide an open forum for their commentary. The goal: intelligent argument and debate; not name-calling, personal ridicule and attack. I intend to point out cases of “liberal disingenuousness” - and raise the “B.S.” flag whenever it's appropriate!

Quite often, I’ll disclose my frustration with certain media or publications, especially local or Bay Area newspapers – over their liberal journalistic bent- especially when I see them attempting to color an important issue.

In short, this site is an oasis of conservative discussion in a desert of liberal/progressive propaganda and political correctness!

And on that note…

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Romney: Cut from the same cloth?

As if we didn't have enough nonsense to contend with, regarding "Fast and Furious" scandal, Mitt Romney seems determined to follow in the current President's footsteps!  Romney has a golden opportunity to hammer this Administration's arrogance and lack of "transparency".  He's virtually mute!

And now, after the passage of "The Dream Act" by virute of executive fiat, Romney merely builds on it!  Is he deluded?  Or under the spell of bad advisors? 

Which is it?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"Executive Privilege?" What?

Okay, okay - it's been a very long time.  Too long!  I guess the state of politics in this state and the nation put me in a catatonic state.

But this?  The President asserting "executive privilege", just when his Attorney General is about to be nailed with contempt of Congress charges?  Where do I begin!

Okay.  So after about a year of lying to and stonewalling Rep. Darrell Issa's committee over release of subpoenaed "Fast and Furious" internal memos and documents, and a last ditch attempt at a deal brokered by Eric Holder, trading un-named documents for suspension of the investigation, which thankfully, was turned down, Holder is,in fact, now being held in contempt of Congress!  Finally!
Someone in the the GOP showing some cojones and holding this rogue regime's feet to the fire! If this isn't a sterling example of lawlessness and arrogance within the Department of Justice, I don't know what is!

The following question is now being examined all over talk radio:  "If the President was truly not aware of the Fast and Furious program, why does he know suddenly feel the need to invoke executive privilege, when he has criticized former President Bush over the same issue?  What did the President know?  ...And when did he know it?

But wait!  There'll be more!